Animated Icons

Jacques Kleynhans

Visual designer, lecturer and fine artist.

Selection of work: 2004-2016

The Great Unwashed I
Elvis & Costello
The Great Unwashed II
Self Portrait
Watermark High - Watermark High
Run Home
Mask III
Building Site 1
Evil Eye
Toaster and Old Money
Drowning in Darkness
Album Cover
The Money Tree
Hoax Em
Mercado Andino
Watermark High - For Good
Wrestlerish - Greater Goods and Lesser Evils
Self Portrait

Lights, Camera, Malbec
The Watermark High - Bright Black
Waar is muis?
Lights, Camera, Malbec - Website
Ouch Mickey!
Borrower - Acrylic on Glass
Dance You're on Fire - Cover Art
Dance You're on Fire - Cover Art
Vumi Logo
No Man is a Land - Acrylic on Glass
Generation Next
Graveyardland - Acrylic on Glass
The Watermark High - Murmurs
Dance You're on Fire - Carry You Music Video
Binary Robot Logo
Leave a Trail
The Watermark High - Slow Motion Clarity
Adrenaline Industries Logo
DYOF Faces

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